Chapter 1 Introduction

Rightwatching website

Rightwatching is a project to help counselling organisations and watchdogs to monitor far-right and racist violence. The project was funded from the German Minstry of Education and Research through the Prototype Fund.

This book is for two purposes:

  • You can use the chapter 2 to run your own instance of a dockerized shiny app scraping and analysing far-right violence.
  • You can use the chapter 4 for R scripts and snippets to create charts and maps out of your own incident data. If you have a data file with your own incidents, head there.

1.1 How to use this book

This book is mainly written for people who deal with - often violent - incidents. Read more about our concept of incident data here 3

Throughout this book we use the term chronicle for a table of incidents. We mainly focus on generating publication-oriented static charts and maps.

  • The chapter 4 will guide how to get your incidents into such a table.
  • The chapter 5 will show you some basic charts and maps to generate out of your incident data.
  • The chapter 6 has some recipes for external data (i.e.┬ánot your own incident data) to enhance your incident data.
  • The chapter 7 provides some quick methods to check your incidents against

1.2 Does it need such a book?

We believe incident monitoring is critical in many areas. Many chapters of this book have been inspired from work in armed conflict and monitoring of racist and right-wing violence. Any sort of incidents with an impact on humans could benefit from the recipes in this book.